Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Unit 3 Proposal designs Assignmnet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 3 Proposal designs Assignmnet - Essay Example The organization has offices in 19 countries across the world, and this includes Africa, Asia and the Americas. For purposes of achieving efficiency in fighting hunger, this organization developed a multi-purpose food product. This food product is rich in proteins, and is always used a relief food substance. The organization also developed the applied nutrition programs, aimed at improving the health condition of mothers and their children (Karsh and Fox, 2009). The motivating factor that made the organization to tackle problems of hunger and poverty is based on the notion that hunger and poverty limit an individual desire to achieve his or her goals (Freedom From Hunger, 2014). To achieve this objective of fighting hunger and poverty, the organization has introduced five main programs which it believes are useful in fulfilling its mission and objectives. These programs are, saving for change, the malaria initiative, reach initiative, credit with education, and health protection and micro-finance initiative (Freedom From Hunger, 2014). Under Malaria initiative, the organization provides anti-malaria drugs to poor women and their children. It also treats them for free and educates them on how to prevent the emergence of the disease. Under Credit with education, the institution offers small loans to women for purposes of starting small businesses that can make them self-sufficient (Gregory, 2013). Saving for change on the other hand is an initiative aimed at providing financial services to areas where micro-finance institutions cannot reach. The reach initiative on the other hand promotes the development of innovative ideas that can help to fight poverty, while the health and micro-finance protective initiative helps to create health policies that can help improve the health status of the vulnerable (Zunz, 2012). In conclusion, my interest in this foundation stems from the fact that it is concerned with improving the

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